What are the best skin care products?

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There are different skin care products in the beauty market. Some are effective while others are not. This is the reason you will meet many people asking, which are the best skin care products? Well, we all have different skin types. This means different products will work differently on each of us. The real question about skin care products should be, what is the best product for me? Investing in the best skin care products for you is important. Some people use just any beauty product, and all goes well. While others take a decade to find the one which works for them.

skin care, milk bathBefore the search begins, you must understand how skin care products work. Let me take you through some basics. Well, skin care products are composed of ingredients. The ingredients are of two types, the active and inactive ingredients. The active ones work on the skin while the inactive help the active ones as they work on your skin. For the product to function effectively, the two ingredients must be available.

The other important aspect is the application of the products. If you do not have the right knowledge of the application, you will never find the right product for you. The frequency of use matters too. Environmental factors like humidity level, temperature and pollution play a big role as well.

Below are some things you should do to make sure that the skin care product is right for your skin

  • Toner, natural skin careWash your skin thoroughly before application
  • If you love wearing makeup, use makeup remover to clean your skin before applying the skin care product. Do not use water as many people are used to.
  • If you want to apply other products on the skin, always do it after applying the skin care product. The active ingredient is not effective if applied to another product. So if you want to apply a moisturizer, do it after applying the skin care product.
  • Always apply the products to moist skin.
  • Be open-minded when trying new products.
  • Use different skin care products in different seasons.

As I wind up, I want you to understand that finding the best product for you might take days, months and even years. Before getting the right one, you will experiment severally. You might be wondering if there is another way to finding the product which works for you; unfortunately, the only way is through experimenting.

Skin care tips during tanning

These are the safety tips that will help you in taking care of your skin health during tanning. You can either share them with your friends or just review them at your leisure. You should always make an effort of revisiting or refreshing yourself with these tips after reading them. This will ensure that you are always safe especially when going through a tanning program.

Lightening up

This is done on those areas that need to be protected from getting dark. You should pre-apply gel, baby oil or lotion to the areas around the elbows and knees. This is then followed by applying a sunless tanner.


Your hands are likely to become orange when you apply these products. This can be prevented by using disposable gloves. Besides, both the fingernails and hands should be washed thoroughly after applying these products.


Streaking occurs when you get wet immediately after applying tanning products. To avoid, this you are advised to wait for about two hours before swimming, bathing or showering.


You souls avoid shaving before you apply sunless tanning. These products can irritate your skin if you decide to shave first.


People who spend much of their time working outdoors are encouraged to put on protective eyewear. A good eyewear should have a 100% UV protection. You can consult a healthcare provider or a pharmacist to help you in selecting the best eyewear for your kids.

Fabric Stains

Everyone should be careful when using a sunless tanning agent. Agents that contain the following ingredients roxadimate, lisadimate or aminobenzoic are known for causing discoloration or staining of the fabrics.


This involves eliminating the dead skin cells. It is either done by exfoliating or washing the skin before using sunless tanning products.

How to apply

When applying sunless tanning products, you should begin with a small area. It should be rubbed gently and evenly instead rubbing vertically. Sponge paint rollers are used when applying these products on people’s back.

Outside/ Inside

You should protect yourself whenever you are using any self-tanning or sunless tanning product that does not have sunscreen ingredients. Again you should be extra cautious since the sunscreen used during tanning does not last for many hours. This means that you should carry more sunscreen products or wear protective gear or clothing.

You should carefully consider the tips mentioned above to ensure that your skin is safe and glowing wonderfully all year along.